Ismo Hintsala, organist, pianist

Ismo Hintsala (b.1975) has studied organ and piano playing at Sibelius Academy in Helsinki, since 1995. His organ instructor was prof. Kari Jussila. Ismo Hintsala has participated to organ master classes given by Hans Fagius, Lorenzo Ghielmi, Naji Hakim and Michel Bouvard.

He continued his studies at the Paris Conservatory (2002-03) with the main organist of the Notre-Dame Cathedral, mr. Olivier Latry as his professor. He received his organist diploma in 2003 with maximum points.

Ismo Hintsala has studied piano playing with Jussi Siirala (Sibelius Academy) and with Ivari Ilja (Tallinn), Martin Hughes (Berlin), Willem Brons (Amsterdam), Jan-Marisse Huizing (Amsterdam) and Håkan Austbo (Oslo). He took his piano soloist diploma in 2002.

In 2003, Ismo Hintsala began his work as a teacher of organ, organ history and piano in Oulu. Hintsala plays organ concerts regularly in several churches in Finland, but also in many European countries; Sweden, Great Britain, Estonia, Germany, Italy and Spain.

Ismo Hintsala’s vast repertoire concentrates especially to the piano music of Chopin, Poulenc and Beethoven and to the organ music from the French romantic period, Liszt and Bach.

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